Papers From My Past

In a former life, I used to be an academic that wrote research papers. It was a long time ago but every now and then people ask about them. I have PDFs for a selection of them. Fair warning, they aren’t exactly light reading.

Jordan, C.: Contextual Retrieval Of Single Wikipedia Articles To Support The Reading Of Academic Abstracts. PhD Thesis. Dalhousie University Faculty of Computer Science. (2008) PDF

Jordan, C., Healy, J., Keselj, V.: Swordfish – Using Ngrams in an Unsupervised Approach to Morphological Analysis. In the Proceedings of the PASCAL Challenge Workshop on Unsupervised segmentation of words into morphemes. (2006) PDF

Jordan, C.: Comparison of Blind Relevance Feedback Algorithms Using Controlled Queries. Master’s Thesis. Dalhousie University Faculty of Computer Science. (2005) PDF

Abou-Assaleh, T., Baltzer, O., Jordan, C., O’Brien, P., Tanta-ngai, H.: Collaborative, Distributed Information Management and Retrieval Architecture for the Enterprises. Technical Report CS-2005-13. Dalhousie University. (2005) PDF

Jordan, C., Watters, C.: Extending the Rocchio Relevance Feedback Algorithm to Provide Contextual Retrieval. In the Proceedings of AWIC04. (2004) 135-144 PDF

Jordan, C.: A Survey of SOM Approaches to Document Classification. Technical Report CS-2003-10. Dalhousie University. (2003) PDF

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