Automatic Updated At Fields In Google Sheets

When working on Google Sheets, especially with others, it is often quite useful to have fields that capture when a cell, column, row, or even an entire sheet has been updated. In order to do that, you need to use Google Apps Scripts. Don’t worry if you haven’t really coded before; the sample script belowContinue reading “Automatic Updated At Fields In Google Sheets”

Local Kubernetes using Docker Desktop

Kubernetes is really starting to be a de-facto standard in how we deploy things to the cloud. It provides a ton of functionality around docker images that it deploys while at the same time making optimal use of the hardware that it is running on. Having worked with traditional servers and then VMs, I haveContinue reading “Local Kubernetes using Docker Desktop”

ngrok: Accessible Self Hosting Simplified

I was trying to come up with a descriptive title for what ngrok does and that was the best I could do. Let me explain what I really mean. Whether you are developing a micro service or Web app on your laptop, it is pretty common to want to give someone access to it overContinue reading “ngrok: Accessible Self Hosting Simplified”

Calling the Shopify Storefront API from a WordPress Plugin

Shopify and WordPress are great 3rd party hosting providers. Shopify lets you quickly stand up a retail Website and WordPress is solid for putting together content oriented ones, like this one. So of course from time to time, if you use both, you will want to make a deeper integration between the two. In thisContinue reading “Calling the Shopify Storefront API from a WordPress Plugin”

Applying Mixpanel to Shopify Stores

Mixpanel is probably my favorite off the shelf analytics platform. More precisely, it is a behavioral analytics platform which means it can help you understand how your users are behaving when they are using your Website or mobile app. With very little effort you can understand how users progress through funnels that you define; whatContinue reading “Applying Mixpanel to Shopify Stores”

os.detected maven properties not detected by eclipse

I recently hit this weird error with one of my Java projects using maven. It would build perfectly fine from command line but fail in eclipse. It was due to eclipse not being able to recognize this property, os.detected.classifier, that we had added to one of our pom files. This property is handled by theContinue reading “os.detected maven properties not detected by eclipse”

Creating a Dynamic Section for a Shopify theme

Dynamic sections are a neat bit of functionality that you can leverage in a Shopify theme. You can place them statically in page templates that you create just as you would static ones. Dynamic sections, however, can be added to your store’s homepage when you customize it through the admin dashboard. When you add oneContinue reading “Creating a Dynamic Section for a Shopify theme”

AWS Secrets Manager names are suffixed!

Secrets Manager in AWS is a great little service for stashing credentials and other sensitive materials that an application you develop might want to use. Classic examples are database passwords. There is a gotcha that you need to be careful about when using it though. When you create a secret, you have to give itContinue reading “AWS Secrets Manager names are suffixed!”