Cookpad – I’ve donated 4 trees

In my post Noom life, I have discovered that a lot of recipes that I used to like to make result in food that just isn’t that good for me. That shouldn’t be a shocker since junkie food is tasty food but it is frustrating. So I’ve started looking for new healthy recipes and updatingContinue reading “Cookpad – I’ve donated 4 trees”

Noom worked for me: Owning What You Eat

The title sums it up for me; Noom really did work. From September 1st to the beginning of December, I’ve lost over 30 lbs. I’m not going to lie. Dropping that kind of weight comfortably has been life altering for me. My running has improved dramatically. Last week, I had a personal best of 20Continue reading “Noom worked for me: Owning What You Eat”