AWS Secrets Manager names are suffixed!

Secrets Manager in AWS is a great little service for stashing credentials and other sensitive materials that an application you develop might want to use. Classic examples are database passwords. There is a gotcha that you need to be careful about when using it though.

When you create a secret, you have to give it a name. Secrets Manager then creates an ARN using this name and adds a suffix consisting of a hyphen plus six random characters. That means if your name also ends with a hyphen and six characters, you are going to break searching for secrets by name. Secrets Manager will think your name is actually the complete ARN. You would think this problem wouldn’t come up that frequently but there are a lot of common six letter terms that people like to use as suffixes. For example:

  • -config
  • -secret
  • -passwd

As a best practice, just don’t use hyphens in secret names.

Noom worked for me: Owning What You Eat

The title sums it up for me; Noom really did work. From September 1st to the beginning of December, I’ve lost over 30 lbs. I’m not going to lie. Dropping that kind of weight comfortably has been life altering for me. My running has improved dramatically. Last week, I had a personal best of 20 minutes for a 3 mile run. As for my clothes, well they don’t just fit better, I’ve had to buy all new jeans and shirts.

I did subscribe to the paid program for 3 months and I still use the free program everyday to track what I eat. I do that for a couple reasons. First, I am not very good at picking healthy options so I will often plan out my meals by looking up different foods. Second, it forces me to own what I choose to eat.

It might sound silly but Noom really forced me to be accountable for what I eat. In fact, the only way Noom will work for anyone is if they fully commit to owning their food decisions and that means tracking everything. Food tracking is all done manually so that means it is on you to not cheat or skip. This level of ownership was hard for me at first because it meant I had to face the hard truth that I was really making some terrible food choices.

Noom is probably going to be apart of my life for a good long time. In fact, I have a hard time imagining my day to day without it. Reflecting and writing about your successes and failures is something they suggest which is another reason for me rebooting my blog. So this definitely won’t be the last time I write about my eating lifestyle.

A fresh start

Well, it has been basically years since I’ve had a meaningful Website and I’ve decided that it is time that I try again. I’ve given up facebook and scrapped my tumblr. In some respects, I think social networking really distracted me away from public writing. It isn’t that I’ve always had a lot to say but something about posting on facebook was just too easy to do but also too hard to do well. So I’m back to blogging and I’ll see where it takes me. I’m intending on sticking to topics that I’m interested in which is primarily tech, food, and running.