Registered For My First Marathon

So some big running news in my world. I’ve now committed to doing my first marathon with my first race registration. It is the Red Rock Canyon Marathon out in Nevada. It is along the scenic highway drive through that park and is supposed to have absolutely amazing views. It’s still a ways out, JanuaryContinue reading “Registered For My First Marathon”

New longest distance – 15.8 miles

Well, my marathon training is still progressing even with the number of COVID cases in Washington spiking again. It actually isn’t that bad running outside at this time of year. There aren’t too many other runners or walkers out there. I am using my hiking buffs as my running mask which I rarely need toContinue reading “New longest distance – 15.8 miles”

Imperfect Foods: One Weird Sweet Potato

I’ve been getting my groceries delivered to me weekly now for about a month using Imperfect Foods. I love these guys. The service, aside from being very convenient, has a mission of helping the environment by focusing on selling meat and produce that cosmetically doesn’t meet the bar for grocery stores. Unsurprisingly, there is aContinue reading “Imperfect Foods: One Weird Sweet Potato”