Registered For My First Marathon

So some big running news in my world. I’ve now committed to doing my first marathon with my first race registration. It is the Red Rock Canyon Marathon out in Nevada. It is along the scenic highway drive through that park and is supposed to have absolutely amazing views. It’s still a ways out, January 2022, so I imagine I will end up doing a local one before then. So my actual first marathon will be the second one that I register for. Regardless, I’ve taken that all important step of putting my cash on the table and my name on the registration form.

Training is going really well. I’ve gotten a new personal best 10k last week of 46:46 and just yesterday I scored a new one for my half marathon at 1:44:41. That’s the first time I’ve actually broken 1:45 on a half. I did it on the Sammamish River Trail which is also the first time I’ve run it too. I’ve driven by lots and have always thought about running it… for years… but this Easter weekend, with some friendly encouragement, I decided to finally pull the trigger. It’s a completely flat and well maintained trail which is just made for speed and it takes you through some farm country which I absolutely love. I’m kind of thinking about making it apart of my regular long run training and saving the hills for my shorter weekday trots.

It’s been almost 2 years now since I started Noom and I haven’t given it up yet. Cooking and eating low density foods are now firmly a way of life for me. Mostly green, sometimes yellow, and rarely red. You can’t run yourself out of a bad diet and Noom really has been the key to my success. I’ve lost and kept off over 50 lbs since I started almost 2 years ago and it has had a huge impact on my running. I’m an Amazon Halo beta user and it tells me that I am at a health 15.5% body fat; that’s literally right smack in the middle of the healthy green range. These last two years have been quite an eye opening journey on my personal fitness and what is actually a healthy lifestyle.

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