Brand New PB 10K

Well, I broke 48 minutes yesterday morning. I am legitimately excited about this run as I kept my pace pretty consist at 7:45 with a sprint for the last half mile. It is still a far cry from 7:15 which is the Boston qualifying time but it doesn’t feel like an impossible thing to shoot for.

In other news, the Rock And Roll Las Vegas marathon in November got pushed to February and is no longer offering a marathon route. I’m pretty disappointed about that as I was hoping for it to be my first marathon and first race after the pandemic is all over. Well, from that disappointment hatched this idea: Devil After Dark

So running my first marathon in a desert at night is probably not one of my better ideas but if you put aside the high temperature at the start and its dramatic drop after the sun goes down, there is a uniqueness about it that has inspired me. I haven’t registered yet and to date my longest run is just over 19 miles with all my training being done in the wet and cold fall/winter months of the PNW. Remarkably, that does make me pretty confident in the night time portion. I need to get some heat training runs in once summer hits before I can properly decide though.

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