Air Fryer Naan Bread

One of my life changing purchases that I made during this COVID era is an air fryer. I honestly got it because I wanted to reduce the number of grocery store trips I was making. I was a huge salad eater but unfortunately leafy greens and bag mixes don’t last that long in the fridge. I knew at the time that air fryers were awesome for cooking sweet potatoes but that is literally the tip of the iceberg.

I use my air fryer almost everyday, sometimes twice. It is fantastic for quickly cooking tougher veggies and roots while at the same time giving them a great crisping. I’m a huge fan of the instant pot too because of its speed but the air fryer is even faster and has almost no clean up. Frankly, both are fast. Case in point though, if you like having roasted veggies in a flash, you got to get an air fryer.

Now here is where things get really fun. You can make naan bread in the air fryer. Ya… that’s right… and from scratch too. I posted my recipe on cookpad. It’s no secret that I love baking and messing with dough and pastry. Air frying naan bread however… that is just mad science. Honestly, it is quite practical to do even in an apartment setting. Normally, you would use a cast iron pan to fry them up but when you use an air fryer instead, you don’t make any smoke; none at all. You just get hot and delicious naan!

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