New longest distance – 15.8 miles

Well, my marathon training is still progressing even with the number of COVID cases in Washington spiking again. It actually isn’t that bad running outside at this time of year. There aren’t too many other runners or walkers out there. I am using my hiking buffs as my running mask which I rarely need to use since I can easily keep 8 feet or more away from anyone I happen to bump into.

Today I hit a new high of 15.8 miles. I am also one week away from the half way point in my training schedule. With these distances, I need to make sure I’m used to having snacks during my runs. The last time I really got this serious about running, I tried gels and they were just awful both in flavor and in how they agreed with my stomach. I used chews but they are pretty expensive and you always end up wasting some. So I did a bit of research and discovered that raisins and dried cherries are pretty good options which is awesome for me because I love eating them too. I’ve done 3 runs with them now and today I even added in a few dark chocolate discs all of which I had no problems with. I do a lot of baking so I always have dried fruit and chocolate discs kicking around but more importantly, not only are these much healthy options, they are way cheaper too.

So if you are working into runs where you need snacks, don’t feel compelled to buy those over the counter running snacks. You might have just what you need in your own pantry to do your own DIY ones.

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