Imperfect Foods: One Weird Sweet Potato

I’ve been getting my groceries delivered to me weekly now for about a month using Imperfect Foods. I love these guys. The service, aside from being very convenient, has a mission of helping the environment by focusing on selling meat and produce that cosmetically doesn’t meet the bar for grocery stores. Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of food that doesn’t look perfect but what is surprising is that it typically doesn’t get sold. This is where Imperfect Foods comes in. Instead of letting that food go to waste, they make it available in their delivery service and at a great price. I am now saving money on my groceries every week and they are delivered to my front door, basically for free when you think about it.

Last week I got this especially odd looking sweet potato. It kind of looks like a heart. It just looked weird though. Nothing else was wrong with it. I cooked it up in a hash with spinach. Yum!

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