My First Imperfect Foods Box

I finally decided to give Imperfect Foods a try, a grocery delivery service with an interesting twist. Basically, I got tired of going to the store especially with the COVID crisis going on. The lines and social distancing have made getting groceries take so long. In fact, before the crisis, I was getting pretty annoyed having to deal with parking. Even with all that, I have been hesitant to use a delivery service but then I found Imperfect Foods.

What makes Imperfect Foods interesting is that by and large they sell the produce that grocery stores won’t. There isn’t anything wrong with their fruit and veg aside from them being a little misshaped or scarred. As it is all food that doesn’t make the cut for the shops, they can sell it at a really good price and if you spend over $60, easy enough to do for a week’s worth of groceries, you get free shipping.

I’m super happy with this first box I got from them and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they do with my next. It might just be good enough to keep me from going back to my grocery store.

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