Pre-order Quarantine Pinot Noir from Nocking Point

I’ve become a rather big fan of the Nocking Point winery. I’ve now made several purchases from them and have been quite happy with their wines and coffees. This month, they are putting out a pretty cool collaboration with The Kutcher Family, the Quarantine Pinot Noir. It is an Oregon based Williamette Valley wine. The important bit though is that all the profits go to charities, a combination of support for food banks and EMTs.

The wine is on pre-order currently with a ship date early in May. I’ve already reserved 3 bottles and I am tempted to get a few more. I am sure that the wine will be fantastic as it always is from Nocking Point but it is nice that with this one the money is going to a good place. I mean, I personally love putting my dollars into a local Washington business but it is great that they are able to do this fundraiser during the COVID crisis.

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