New PB 12 minute treadmill run

Well, I guess I’ve been on a tear lately at Orangetheory. Yesterday they had a 12 minute treadmill benchmark run and I kind of crushed my previous best by almost .1 miles. I managed to do 1.94 miles with a negative split which I think means 2 miles is well within reach for me.

I know that treadmill running is definitely not outdoor running but I’m still pretty happy about this PB. One of the things I have noticed about my outdoor running is that while I am certainly faster these days, I do need to constantly remind myself to go faster. The nice thing about the treadmill is that you can set your pace and then just not think about it anymore. Outside, you really are on your own with your pace. There have been times where I start rocking out to a song on my phone and suddenly I’ve missed up my last mile going way slower than I should have.

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