200, 000 Orangetheory calories burned

Last night, I hit a bit of a milestone with my Orangetheory workouts. I broke the 200k calories burned mark for all time. I’ve been going to Orangetheory for over two years now to augment my running. I have found it to be a great way to get my core strengthening and speed training done. The 200k number is a little too big for me to quantify on its own beyond just thinking that I have burned a ton of calories. So I’ve googled some cheat day foods to make it more real. Here’s a small list of things I’ve come up with so far. Grapes clearly aren’t a cheat day food but I put them on there to give some perspective to the others. Junk food is junk:

  • 76 large Dominos Hawaiian pizzas
  • 99 plates of Applebee’s neighborhood nachos with beef
  • 175 Costco cheeseburgers
  • 220 Chipotle carnitas burritos with sour cream and cheese
  • 315 bottles of red wine
  • 362 Costco hot dogs
  • 526 Starbucks grande pumpkin spice lattes
  • 2, 198 Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
  • 34, 483 Cadbury mini eggs
  • 58, 824 M&Ms
  • 100, 000 grapes

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