Noom friendly easy strawberry rhubarb pie filling

Over the holidays I was introduced to the miracle that is the no bake pie. Honestly, I knew about them but I never really gave them the time of day. I grew up where pies were something that you put in the oven, applied lots of heat, and needed an oven mitt to get back out. With young kids that you are trying to involve in cooking, that isn’t going to work so I decided to give no bake pies a hard look and I was pleasantly surprised.

I managed to come up with this recipe using sugar free jello and pudding mixes. I used a microwave to heat up frozen berries while stirring in the jello mix with the kids. Then we mixed in pudding and that gave us a super tasty pie filling that is also low calorie: a remarkable 38 calories per serving! My recipe makes 16 servings, 2 pies worth. You pair this with the right pie crust and you have a totally guilt free pie. In fact, you can also just pour it into bowls if you want to skip the crust.

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