Orangetheory Base Pace Update: 8.2

It feels a little foolish to write this but I didn’t realize just how much speed I had locked up in my weight. Orangetheory is a great workout for me and I’ve been going for the last two years. Since I joined, my base pace on the treadmill has slowly improved from 6.0 to 7.2. I recently dropped over 35 lbs using Noom and my base pace comfortably jumped up to 8.2.

When you think about what a 35 lbs dumbbell feels like, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that when you drop that kind of body mass that of course you will run faster. I guess it just wasn’t something that had crossed my mind. It certainly wasn’t something that I had set out to do when I started Noom but I am definitely going to take it.

It’s a little wet for my tastes to do a 10k outside; yes, I am made of sugar. I am pretty itchy for a race though with my new found speed. The next one I am registered for is the Mercer Island Half. I’m going to start doing some indoor ramping this week but still, I’m really curious about how it is going to go for me outside.

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