Nocking Point Coffee Club Membership

Well, I decided to treat myself to a little Christmas present this year with a membership to the Nocking Point Coffee Club. In case you didn’t know, Nocking Point is a winery in Walla Walla, Washington, co-founded by Stephen Amell, the actor that plays Oliver Queen, a.k.a. the Green Arrow, in the TV series Arrow.

I’ve really enjoyed Arrow over the years and when I found out that the lead actor had started a winery, in the PNW, with a wine club, I was excited to join but I knew I wouldn’t be able to drink as much as the membership would send me. Last month, however, I discovered that they also have a coffee club; I signed up to get two bags a month. They also throw in one to two lifestyle items with each package. In December’s, it was Christmas socks, a cock screw, and a wine bottle stopper.

For small batch roasted coffee, the price is pretty good so the extra swag items you get are basically free. On top of all that, you get free shipping and 10% off all other purchases you make which means you can order the wine you want when you want which makes a lot more sense for my lifestyle than the wine club. In fact, I’m already planning on ordering something interesting for after my first half marathon of the year in March.

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